Virginia's Vanpool Self-Insurance Program

Every day in Virginia, vanpools safely transport thousands of commuters to and from work. Vanpools reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and save thousands of gallons of fuel, not to mention wear and tear on vehicles and roadways.

AdVANtage, Virginia's first self-insurance pool for vanpools recognizes the need for safe, reliable and affordable liability protection for vanpools and their passengers. Vanpool operations now have a choice when it comes to safeguarding their vanpool!

It Makes Sense!

Why Self-Insure?

Self-insurance pools operate similarly to insurance companies. In fact, pool members rarely notice a difference—especially when it comes to claim service and legal defense.

What is AdVANtage?

AdVANtage is a self-insurance pool that provides affordable liability, uninsured motorist and physical damage protection for commuter vanpools.

What is the Cost?

The membership fee is an actuarially-calculated flat rate that is combined with comprehensive and collision fees, which are based on the vehicle's seating capacity and the deductible chosen by the vanpool operator.


Answers to your questions on eligibility and coverage, reporting and incidents, cost, and online payment.


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